15 Small Habit That Would Greatly Improved Your Life.  I've found this simple yet very meaningful sharing from fb written by Richard Ker.  Sharing here for our reference that might help us to feel better in our daily life. Simple small habit but give great impact to us.

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15 Small Habit That Would Greatly Improved Your Life

1. Write down your thoughts. Just use your phone’s notes app.

2. Take the stairs whenever it’s possible (if you can)

3. If you want something, ask. Never try, never know.

4. Schedule your day, use your phone’s calendar app.

5. Take small breaks.

6. When you read or watch something that resonates with you, save or bookmark it.

7. Break down problems into the smallest actionable steps.

8. Write down a moment that’s worth telling daily. You'll have 30 stories in a month.

9. Create more than you consume

10. Always have a beginner’s mindset. No one is too smart for everything.

11. Compliment more than you complain.

12. Not everything needs a reaction, especially sensational news.

13. Reflect 1-2 things you’re grateful for daily. The more the better.

14. Can’t read the whole book? Just read 1 page daily. Then increase slowly.

15. Listen more than you speak.

Happy week end to all !