Most young working adults nowadays are looking for properties to buy. Whether it is for own stay or investment purpose, there are plenty of choices out there. There are many lands in Johor Bahru for sale and also condominiums to choose from. This article will guide you through the must visit food places in Johor Bahru.

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Roti Canai Bukit Cagar

Roti Canai Bukit Cagar is always filled with customers and it is a no-brainer to why people keep coming back to Roti Canai Bukit Cagar. Roti Canai Bukit Cagar is a family-run business that has been around for more than 20 years. The dough is handmade everyday fresh at the stall. It is also bigger than the normal Roti Canai that you find from other Mamak stalls. The way they flip their Roti Canai dough gives the Roti Canai air pockets.  Enjoy your crispy Roti Canai with a side of their homemade Dhal if you prefer it mild, or with a dollop of their sambal if you like it fiery.

7 Spice Restaurant

7 Spice Restaurant is a restaurant that specialise in Indian cuisine. This is the restaurant that will bring you to Johor’s best Indian food. 7 Spice Restaurant is clean and air conditioned, which is a bonus as you do not get this experience in normal Mamak stalls. The locals recommend their butter chicken, lamb special biryani, tandoori chicken with mint sauce and the butter naan bread. You will definitely leave as a happy and satisfied customer with their great authentic Indian food and great dining experience at 7 Spice Restaurant.

property, looking for land, places to eat, Johor Bahru food paradise, jalan-jalan Johor Bahru

 Hua Mui Kopitiam

Hua Mui Kopitiam has been around since 1948, famous for their Malaysian Hainanese style breakfast. Their signature Hainanese Chicken Chop has been selling for almost 70 years. As they are gaining more popularity, they have since expanded more outlets across Johor Bahru. Muslim patrons get to enjoy the authentic Hainanese dishes as well as Hua Mui Kopitiam have a certified Halal status. Other than the Hainanese chicken chop, diners get to choose the Malaysian style kopitiam breakfast - charcoal toasted bread, spread with homemade Kaya and a slab of cold butter, soft boiled eggs and Kopi.

Kedai Masakan Itik Taika Huat

This stall is located in the middle of a housing area. It has been operating since the 1970s and is now run by the family’s third generation. Kedai Masakan Itik Taika Huat is famous among the locals for their kueh tiaw or rice with duck meat. The duck meat from Kedai Masakan Itik Taika Huat is braised for hours, which resulted in tender and juicy meat. Do order other side dishes such as the bean curd, braised tofu and the slow cooked fermented vegetables to go with your kueh tiaw or rice.

W.W Laksa House

Laksa has always been a dish with heated discussion on its origins. There are many different Laksa out there, such as Laksa Penang, Laksa Sarawak, Laksa Singapore and so on. Each state has their own definition of Laksa. For example, those who reside in Penang do not acknowledge anything that is not Penang-style Laksa as Laksa, likewise if you are from the land of hornbill. The Laksa here is W.W Laksa House is different from the Laksa that you find elsewhere. The bowl of Laksa is loaded with different ingredients: beancurd skin, bean sprouts, dried tofu, fish balls, fish cakes, and noodles of your choice. This bowl of goodness is then soaked in a rich Laksa soup base that is more towards a curry base as compared to the tangy Laksa soup base you find in Penang Laksa.

Do order a basket of freshly grilled otak-otak from the front of the shop to go with you leftover Laksa soup. The combination of otak otak soaked with Laksa soup will definitely make your eyes glow.

  Wah Cai

Are you a durian lover? If you are, Wah Cai is the right place for you as they are famous for their fried durians. The couple who operate Wah Cai has a steady stream of fans for their deep fried delicacies. The fried durian is fragrant and creamy that will make you keep wanting for more. Although the queue is long, the waiting time is pretty short. Other than the fried durian, you should also give other items a try, such as the 3-in-1 chinese cake, fried bananas, fried cempedak and the potato chicken curry puffs.

 Hiap Joo Bakery

HiapJoo Bakery is famous for their wood fire baked banana cake that is freshly baked daily. The moist and fluffy banana cake is baked to golden perfection. No food preservatives or essence are used as they only use fresh ripe bananas for the sweet tasting. As the demand for the banana cake is high, the queue for the banana cake is always long, so do go early to avoid being disappointed.

property, looking for land, places to eat, Johor Bahru food paradise, jalan-jalan Johor Bahru

 Pisang Goreng Mawar

As the name suggests, Pisang Goreng Mawar is a place that sells banana. Specifically, pisang goreng, also known as banana fritters. Mawar uses only the best species of banana to make their fritters. The banana is cut by hand, then coated in a special batter passed down in the family before getting fried. The banana fritters is served with Mawar’s special dipping sauce, which is a mixture of sweet soya sauce and chilli. Do as the Roman do. It might seem weird to dip your banana fritters into this mixture, but surprisingly, they pair well together. Crispy banana fritters with a mixture of sweet soya sauce and mild chilli burn is definitely a good idea for afternoon tea break.

In conclusion, Johor Bahru is definitely one of the food paradises. Your taste bud will be spoilt for choices, as there are plenty of food choices for you to choose from.


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