Awesome Beauty Tips for Bright Eyes

Are those dark circles and puffy eyes making you look fatigued and dull? Here are some awesome beauty tips that will pump you up and make your eyes feel younger: 

1. Going Natural

Natural and home remedies can help your eyes look rejuvenated without any side effects. Some of the effective natural remedies are: 

Awesome Beauty Tips For Bright Eyes,beauty tips,tips kecantikan, beautiful eyes

Cucumber slices placed for 15- 20 minutes on your eyes every day can help in 
        reduction of dark circles.  Alternatively, you can also apply paste of Cucumber, 
        Turmeric, Potato juice and Lemon juice for 15 minutes, thrice a week. 

Black or Green Tea bags can be used in a similar way to reduce puffiness around 
        your eyes.

Rose water, Milk and Honey can be used to bring natural glow to your eyes. 

2. Eye Creams

Korean eye treatments, serums and solutions are known worldwide to provide excellent and fast results. Some of the best Korean eye care products available online are: 

Laniege Water Bank Eye Gel
Elizavecca Gold CF- Nest White Bomb Eye Cream
Bifida Prestige Eye Cream
Milky Dress Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream

Awesome Beauty Tips For Bright Eyes,beauty tips,tips kecantikan, beautiful eyes

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3. Eye Make-up hacks

Invited for a party? If you have no time to get your eyes healed, here are some make up hacks that will save your day: 

Awesome Beauty Tips For Bright Eyes,beauty tips,tips kecantikan, beautiful eyes

Double layer it – First, highlight your upper lids and lower lids with a black kohl or 
        kajal. Next, layer it up with waterproof liquid eyeliner to brighten up your eyes. 
        You can make winged eyeliners to get that ultimate flawless look. 

Don’t forget to use a BB cream to cover your dark circles. Blend it with a sponge to 
        get an even skin tone. 

Use a pencil brow shaper of your hair colour to get a bold look. Follow it up with a 
        brow powder and a brow gel to seal the look. 

To make your eyes glow, highlight your waterline with a white eye pencil. Shop for 
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4. Diet is the key

Drinking lots of water and maintaining your diet helps in removal of toxins and stress factors from your body. This in turn, does wonder to your eyes and your general health!  A diet rich in Vitamin K, Antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids helps in reduction of dark circles. Almonds, Fennel seeds, Citrus fruits, Salmon, Flax, Walnuts and lean protein sources are also great for your eyes.